How to survive losing everything

It was shut down due to legal complications.

It’s back.

The whole truth will be told one day. For now, this site is about how to survive losing your home, family and life savings (in my case – all in one day!).

I’m now six months in (almost), so there is some cheating involved (ie this is not an account of how to survive from the ground up); but I have survived and learned to thrive- something I celebrate and draw strength from.

I will publish articles on the self-care and good routines I have discovered that have worked to keep me sane despite the oppression and violence of many.

It is not easy to do what I have done. With support, focus, discipline and self-belief, you too can survive losing everything. You can survive a high-conflict separation. You can thrive. You can work towards a better life, a better you. You can return greater than ever and still be there for your children.

It all starts with love, peace and goodness as focal points.